How it WORKS? a STEP by STEP guide!

  1. 1st, preparation: grab yourself a chalk or few of them, a towel or a plastic coat, gloves, a hair clip and hair spray, trigger bottle with water (or just tap water) and iron/curler – optional
  2. wet your hair, or strands that you want to colour: spray the water on your hair, use the fingers in case of tap water, or just dip the chalk in water – let the hair be very moist but not soaked and dripping
  3. rub the selected chalk/s onto your hair, holding it straight and tense with the other hand, the best practice is to rub it in direction of hair growth (from top to bottom) instead of up & down movement, or just dip your hair into the chalked dissolved in water. You can also try brushing the water-chalk substance onto your hair with the colouring brush/comb, or put the liquid in the trigger spray bottle & simply spray it on!
  4. now it’s time to dry the hair – use the blow dryer & don’t dry your hair with a towel as the chalk will stain the towel & it will be less seen on your hair!
  5. if you want to add some extra creativity, use the ironing tool or the curler to make the chalk a bit more long-lasting
  6. for a better & longer stay, use the hair spray after you’ve styled your hair!

How it WON’T work?

  • if you apply chalk on wa or any similar waxy product on your hair
  • if you’ve used silk or similar hair treatment previous to hair chalking
  • if it rains on your hair immediately after chalking
  • if you brush your hair vigorously immediately after chalking
  • if your don’t dry your hair after applying chalk
  • if you just rub the chalk once or twice gently & expect sudden immense change of colour

extra TIPS

  • cover your clothes when chalking or, preferably, wear a towel or just something you don’t mind coloring – yes, chalk does not only paint your hair!
  • wear gloves if your mind coloring your fingers (but don’t worry, it washes off with water & detergent)
  • cover your pillow with a towel OR wash your hair before going to bed (although it washes off in washing machine as well!)
  • if you want extra duration, wet your hair well before chalking, and use the ironing or curling tools after chalking
  • if you wet blonde hair before chalking, chalk will stain the hair & it will take 1-2 more washes before it goes out completely
  • if you want the chalk even lighter or to be seen even better, use the white chalk, then whatever color you wish over it!
  • if you want even softer hair and a longer color duration, also a more intense color, try using the new technique available with our chalks – dissolving the chalk in water & applying it on your hair with the coloring brush (or old toothbrush) – get full instructions inside the package with your order!


a few FAQ…


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Europe: within 1 week, Americas: within 3 weeks, Australia: within 3 weeks, Asia: within 3 weeks, Middle East: within 2 weeks.

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Your data is definitely protected, we aim for the most secure form of online shopping & paying. With Paypal we get NO view of any of your personal data & such information is never saved or collected by our site. We guarantee you a fully secure online shopping experience on our site. With Credit cards, our site is using SSL certificate to assure you complete safety & security.

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Where do you ship to?

We ship hair chalks worldwide! Shipping costs are flat rate $4, or if your order exceeds $30 in total, we give you FREE shipping, no matter where you live!


HairChalk Products, Use & Instructions

Can I use ordinary school chalks or oil pastels instead of special hair chalks?

If you care about your hair quality, the softness and the silky feeling, we recommend using the hair chalks. School chalks & sidewalk chalks are too solid and too dry, and will literally suck all the natural oils from your hair, which will find very difficult to recover. Oil pastels and other similar art materials are highly toxic for your hair. Hair has to breather just like your skin – imagine painting toxic art stuff over your skin – it’s very similar with your hair. Also, arts & crafts supplies are usually more expensive than hair chalks.

How long will the chalk stay on my hair?

The chalks are visible until you’ve washed them out with a shampoo. It takes 1 wash for the chalk to get out of your hair (unless you’ve applied it to platinum blonde WET hair, in this case the chalk will stay until about 2-3 washes).

My hair is dark – will the chalk still be seen?

Sure! There’s a cool technique which will help you obtain more color & for a little longer – without damaging your hair! You put a piece of hair chalk (1/4 or so) in a small pot with just a little water, mash altogether with a fork, and apply to your desired hair area with the dying brush! After that, you blow dry the hair & put a little hairspray on and you’re all done!

My hair is grey, will the chalk cover those hair?

Yes it will, the darker the hair chalk, the better coverage it will have, but it also works with the lighter tones, especially if you’re going to use the above described method.

How can I chalk my curly hair?

Either you try the method described in the 2nd answer, or you just wet your hair a little & chalk it, or you straighten your hair first and then chalk – you have plenty of options.

Can I curl or straighten my hair after chalking?

Sure thing! In this case the hair will absorb the chalk even better & the chalks will last a little longer. Make sure you don’t just wet your hair with water but use the heat protecting spray before chalking as well!

Will hair chalks permanently stain my clothes or pillows when I go to bed?

Not at all, all the chalks I’m selling are machine washable and will go out with only 1 washing! They’re not toxic so even if they leave some marks on your clothes or pillows, it won’t cause you any damage. For the beauty’s sake, I suggest sleeping on a towel over the pillow & wearing a different t-shirt or a towel when chalking 🙂

How long will 1 chalk stick last?

Depending on the length of your hair, the amount you’ll apply, and also on how thick your hair is, the single chalk will last up to 100 or even more applications – it’s really hard to tell because it really depends on how you want to use it.

How many chalks will I need for full hair coloring?

Again, it depends on how long & thick you hair is, but approximately 1 or 2 chalks for medium long hair.

Are the chalks safe?

Yes, they’re completely safe, non-toxic, skin & hair friendly, environment-friendly, and suitable for kids to use as well.

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